AJE visits the Materials Research Society spring meeting

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AJE at MRS Spring

Hannah Nipper and Deric Corlew at MRS Spring

The Materials Research Society is an interdisciplinary society that joins the fields of physics, chemistry, ceramics, astronomy, engineering and many other areas of study that overlap or affect one another. MRS has two major annual meetings in the spring and fall every year, and 2016 was the first time MRS held their meeting in Phoenix.

Members of the AJE marketing and Business Development teams attended the Spring meeting in March and really enjoyed talking with the many researchers who were there from all over the world. With over 5,000 presentations taking place during the conference, there was definitely no shortage of learning taking place. We saw a number of presentations, including the keynote from Nobel Prize winner and former US Energy Secretary, Dr. Steven Chu, on the history of labs.

The biggest take away for the AJE team was that materials researchers are truly the foundation of all of the technological advances that we see coming to life every day. The importance of materials research was discussed in depth as it relates to the global R&D and patent process by three panels at the Technology Innovation Forum on Tuesday afternoon.

We were also delighted to support the society by producing videos to highlight some of this great research. Here, you can see our video summarizing the 2015 Journal of Materials Research Paper of the Year (“In situ transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy studies of rechargeable batteries under dynamic operating conditions: A retrospective and perspective view,” by Chong-Min Wang) and a video for David Martin’s inaugural MRS Communications lecture:


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