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Last month we announced Video Abstracts, a new way to help communicate the important results in published papers. These animated summaries continue to receive lots of views and shares, helping broaden the audience for strong research published in several Nature Publishing Group journals. With the expansion of availability outside of the NPG trial, we’d like to take a moment to highlight the process behind the creation of each Video Abstract. This video provides a helpful overview:

To create each of our Video Abstracts, we go through a multi-step process:

  • First, a written summary designed for a broad, educated audience is drafted by a Research Square employee with experience in a related field. The authors of the published paper then provide feedback on this draft.
  • The summary is used to create a storyboard for the final animations
  • Our voiceover team records audio from the written summary
  • Our animation team combines their background in science and their knowledge of animation software to create the visual elements of the Video Abstract, taking into account the recorded voicover
  • After final review by the study’s authors, the video is posted on YouTube and Vimeo. Authors also receive PowerPoint slides containing images from the video, a copy of the written summary, and instructions on how to share the video for maximum impact

We hope that Video Abstracts help highlight the importance of the research being done every day, and we look forward to new connections that will help share these videos with a wider audience, both in academia and the general public. Stay tuned for more news about Video Abstracts, and please write to any time with questions. You can also see examples and find out more at

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