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The amount of research taking place around the world each day is staggering, and around 2.5 million scholarly articles are now published each year. While the publication process brings these findings into the scholarly record, it can be hard to demonstrate the broader impact of scientific research. In particular, the language of a published article can be dense, with the major points of the research difficult to discern. These challenges spurred us to develop our latest product, Video Abstracts, which you can view on the Research Square YouTube channel.

Over the past several months, Research Square has worked alongside Nature Publishing Group (NPG) to run a trial designed to explore new ways to help authors to communicate their research to audiences broader than their immediate colleagues and others working directly in their field. Through this collaboration, we are providing 2- to 4-minute audio-visual summaries for 30 papers published in NPG journals. Early results from this trial are encouraging, with hundreds or thousands of views for these summaries, some of which were featured on a variety of sites including,, Gizmodo, io9, and IFLScience.

We are pleased to announce that Research Square Video Abstracts are now available for purchase through the website for any peer-reviewed publication. Each Video Abstract includes

  • A custom-made animated video with voiceover that summarizes the key results of a published paper
  • A written summary designed for readers outside the immediate field of study
  • High-quality images from the video suitable for use in presentations

We also post the finished summary on YouTube and Vimeo with appropriate tags and provide suggestions for other ways to disseminate the video.

At Research Square, we are dedicated to helping researchers communicate their work. Video Abstracts will help increase the visibility of research and communicate those results to a wider audience, from colleagues and potential collaborators to funders and society at large. For more information and examples of our Video Abstracts, please see the Research Square site or our recent press release.

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