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American Journal Experts, Research Square’s manuscript services brand, provides language editing, translation, and assistance with figures to customers from all around the world. While many customers purchase services with traditional forms of payment (e.g., credit cards or wire transfer), there are unique aspects to transactions in countries outside of the US and Europe. Research Square and AJE have pursued partnerships with payment providers in emerging research powerhouses such as China and Brazil to ensure that all researchers can easily get the services they want.

AlipayLast year, to better serve researchers in China, AJE began working with Alipay to accept direct payments in Chinese renminbi. Alipay is a third-party payment provider similar to PayPal that accounted for almost half of all online payments in China in 2014.

Fapiao sealIn addition to paying with Alipay, Chinese authors can receive government-issued Fapiaos, official invoices that make it simpler to be reimbursed for legitimate expenses. Last week, AJE expanded its partnership with the Chinese corporation CIBTC to begin issuing seven Fapiao types: Polishing Fee (润色费), Editing Fee (编辑费), Translation Fee (翻译费), Service Fee (服务费), Information Searching Fee (文献检索费), Foreign Text Fee (外文资料费), and Consulting Fee (咨询费) .

AllpagoResearch Square and AJE reached another new partnership in recent weeks with the Brazilian payment provider Allpago. As part of the collaboration with Allpago, Brazilian customers can pay in reais using credit cards, PayPal, and boletos bancários, which are tickets that can be paid at banks, supermarkets, and ATMs throughout Brazil. When using PayPal, payments can be made in full or in three or six installments.

With these new partnerships, AJE continues to simplify the process of paying for its services, regardless of where you are. It is our mission to help researchers communicate their results, and transactions should not be a source of frustration or delay. For more information about the full range of payment options available for AJE services, please visit our Payment Options page or contact support@aje.com.

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